Special Thanks

Biographical research and writing is very challenging.  A lot people over the years have been generous with their time and knowledge in helping me put the Warrior story together.  I am deeply appreciative to all the folks who have interviewed with me, gotten me in contact with other sources, and shared their knowledge.  Below are a few I wanted to specially mention.

Ed Connors has gone out of his way to help me get information and interviews on numerous occasions.  

Mark James provided me with excellent historical information about Hellwig's early career.  He is a tremendous wrestling historian, and he helped me get an interview with Jerry Jarrett.

Michael McCurdy has been instrumental in helping me piece together Jim Hellwig's Texas years, and like Mark James, he too is a tremendous wrestling historian.

Chris Harrington is a fellow wrestling researcher and writer, who currently serves as a VP for All Elite Wrestling.  Years ago he found my site and sent me a trove of Warrior documents he had collected, to help out a fellow researcher.  Maybe he just didn't want to have to sift through it all.  Whatever the reason, it saved me many hours of information requests and was tremendously helpful for my work.  I truly appreciate him.  

Daniel Amigone and Matthew Chase are the director and producer of the A&E Warrior episode.  They got in contact with me in November of 2020 after finding my site, asking if I could help them with contact info, documents, etc.  These two gents have thanked me many times during the process of making the documentary, but I am also grateful to them for their efforts in telling a balanced story about Warrior.  Their dedication to getting things right, and presenting an honest portrait of Jim Hellwig, was desperately needed.  I enjoyed working with them and appreciate their passion for telling an honest and nuanced story, the way a biography should be.